About Us

Our Approach

Established as a local business in 2010, plenty has changed about us over the last 10 years of company history but our commitment to quality standards and customer service is stronger than ever.
Our quality standards meet the highest benchmarks in the world, but we believe there are always opportunities to improve. An extensive quality management system and dedicated inspection department with roaming shop floor inspectors ensure parts are manufactured to meet design and fabrication specifications and that production standards are maintained to a high level.


Armaksan and its employees are wholly dedicated to providing the highest quality products and tank systems with “on line on time” service.
We bring our expertise and experience to assist in all aspects of a project’s life, from preliminary design, to securing of firm prices, working within the customers’ schedule constraints, and delivering the best constructed tanks and systems for a successful project.
We commit to our customers and employees to provide a highly skilled and professional team, quality materials, state of the art equipment and, above all, a safe working environment.

Health & Safety

Armaksan regard the health and safety of our employees, customers and any members of the general public; who may come into contact with our work, with utmost importance.
Risk assessments for activities such as lifting, site work and specialised environments are carried out by trained personnel within our company. All lifting operations, any work at height or within confined spaces is carried out by our own highly trained, competent and qualified staff. All employees are encouraged to be pro-active in minimising risk, within the workplace.