Manufacturing Capabilities

Armaksan provides contract manufacturing services in precision sheet metal, precision machining, complicated assemblies, and welded configurations. We specialize in fast turnaround support in the following industries: Food, Chemical, Energy areas.
Our highly skilled individuals that staff our sheet metal and machining operations have many years of training and expertise in fabricating to the stringent requirements of process industry .
Our welders are qualified to applicable specifications as well as any special requirements that may be imposed on Armaksan.

CNC Plasma

2000 x 8000 mm wide, up to 30 mm Stainless Steel cutting capacity.
CNC Roll Bending

4 rolls, 2000 mm wide, up to 20 mm Stainless Steel bending capacity.
CNC PressBrake

3000 mm wide, up to 10 mm Stainless Steel bending capacity.
Advanced Welding Quality

Count on the reliability and efficiency of our many weld operations to deliver an expertly crafted finished product. Focusing on your product goals, we have the right equipment to streamline the fabrication process and produce superior quality welds.
The success of a welding project often comes down to the skillset behind the welder. That’s why our team is comprised of certified welders and organized welding stations to assure that your parts are being welded to meet your exact specifications.

SAW Welding

1000 amp t > 6 mm Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel.
TIG Welding

25 pcs TIG Welding Machines for Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel.
MIG Welding

3 pcs Synergic MIG Welding Machines for Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel.