Field Fabricated Vessels

Armaksan's field construction methods are state-of-the-art in both process and safety. Our teams are made up of long-term, permanent employees who know tanks inside and out, and are committed to safe, successful projects. Armaksan crews have the insights and agility to work with customers and site owners in a way that eliminates disruption to the workflow and helps ensure optimum productivity.
We maintain a heavy duty construction equipment fleet and qualified field erection crews under the direction of our management and full-time superintendent on each site location.
With these advantages we fabricate vessels on-site ;

🗹 Storage Tanks

🗹 Fuel Tanks

🗹 Chemical Tanks

🗹 Silos

🗹 Oil Tanks

🗹 Process Tanks

🗹 Mixing Tanks

🗹 Reactors

Shop Fabricated Equipments

Armaksan also provides extended process equipments for our  customers. As integral members of our  customers production operations, we complete their custom equipments and finished assemblies, providing a complete turnkey resource.
Designing specialized equipment for various industries requires a careful attention to detail and an understanding of the purpose of each piece. Our years of manufacturing experience makes us uniquely qualified to design, engineer, and build integrated process systems with unsurpassed quality. From process vessels and piping to agitation and controls, we’ll engineer solutions that work for your needs in your industry to meet demanding and critical process requirements.
In our workshop, we can manufacture equipments such as ;

🗹 Heat Exchangers

🗹 Filters

🗹 Evaporators

🗹 Tankers

🗹 Dryers

🗹 Cyclones

🗹 Pressure Vessels

🗹 Conveying Systems